HOWTO: Install a rails stack with ruby-enterprise and passenger on CentOS

Posted by Jens Jäger on February 22, 2009

Install CentOS with Apache and Mysql.

1. Install ruby enterprise:

2. Create some links:

3. gem install rails -v 2.X.X

I’ve got problems with missing Mysql libraries. To fix this:

3.1 Install mysql-devel

3.2 Install mysql-gem

4. Passenger (mod_rails)

4.1 Install Passenger (mod_rails)

4.2 Passenger Apache Module

5. ImageMagick

5.1 Install ImageMagick Libraries

5.2 Install rmagick via gems


Parameter –version doesn’t work.
Don’t use the parameter “–version”

Read more about this problem:

Missing msfonts

Installation of msfonts according to:

6. Config of apache and your rails app
For configuration of passenger follow the instructions there

Thats it!


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