October 19, 2009

Measure your working time on windows


For measure working time on windows I wrote a little script. It calculates the time since the last login. The output of the script looks like this:

Login:        10:10
Now:          18:13
Working time: 8 h 3 m

The script is written in Ruby and runs under cygwin. I saved the script in a folder tools in my homedir and have the following alias in my .bashrc:

alias wt='~/tools/workingtime.rb'

So finally the script looks like this:

times = []

#get times from windows systeminfo
#Systembetriebszeit:                     0 Tage, 0 Stunden, 10 Minuten, 0 Sekunden
uptime_string = `systeminfo | grep Systembetriebszeit`
time_strings = uptime_string.split(',')
time_strings.each do |s|
times < < s.gsub(/[A-Za-z\s]+/, '')

#do some calculation
seconds = times[0].to_i *  HOURS_PER_DAY * MINUTES_PER_HOUR * SEC_PER_MINUTE
seconds = seconds + times[1].to_i * MINUTES_PER_HOUR * SEC_PER_MINUTE
seconds = seconds + times[2].to_i * SEC_PER_MINUTE
seconds = seconds + times[3].to_i
now = Time.now
login = now - seconds
if (times[0].to_i != 0)
  times[1] = times[1].to_i + times[0] * HOURS_PER_DAY  	

#print it
puts login.strftime("Login:        %H:%M")
puts now.strftime("Now:          %H:%M")
puts "======================"
puts "Working time: #{times[1].to_i} h #{times[2].to_i} m"

Known issues:

The script is based on the windows command systeminfo. Systeminfo returns values in the language of the operating system. So this works only with a german windows. Replace "Systembetriebszeit" with whatever your systeminfo command returns for the uptime.


Workingtime.rb moves to github. Follow the installation instructions there.


cygwin, Ruby, windows

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