May 20

The state of ssd in personal computing


For christmas I got a new Laptop from SantaClaus :-). After months of using it I finally found time to blog about it. The Laptop is a 15-inch MacBook Pro with an Intel Core 2 Duo 2.66 Ghz. I updgraded it to 8Gb RAM and bought an Intel X25-M SATA SOLID-STATE-DRIVE with 160 Gb.

Here are some pictures I took while replacing the original Harddisk:

Put the ssd in the laptop
Put the ssd in the laptop
Fixing the ssd inside the macbook
Fixing the ssd inside the macbook

The SSDs are the biggest performance boost in personal computing (which today means laptop computing for most people). The performance boost is incredible. Especially in software development, where you use a lot of small files, your workflow feels much smoother.

The startup time from OS X changes from 27 seconds to 16 seconds. The XBench score increased from 133.26 points to 191.70 points. This means the performance boost of the ssd adds up to 43.8%!

Here are the full xbench results in an iframe or in a new window.


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