Blog refactoring

Posted by Jens J├Ąger on August 30, 2010

After some time writing in this blog. Everything got a bit chaotic. I had to refactor it. I changed the following things to make the blog easier to use:

  • I changed the navigation of the blog finally to english.
  • I moved all categories to tags and added only two categories for english and german posts.
  • The archive view which is shown when you click on a tag or category link is more simplified now.
  • The monthly archive was a bit useless, since I only write one or two articles a month, I removed it.
  • To reduce initial loading time and make the startpage less confusing. Only three posts are shown on the startpage.
  • Better pagination on the startpage with WP-Paginate.
  • I removed the link to the rss 1 and atom feed in the header. Since Feedburner reformats the feed in every direction, there is no need to force the user to pick a feed format.

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