September 12, 2010

My personal top 5 iPhone apps


I use my iPhone G3 excessively. The battery is empty almost every day. These are my personal top five apps:


Analytics Pro

A app for viewing your google analytics stats. I use it almost every day to check the traffic on the websites I take care off. Great set of features and usability on the small iPhone screen.

iTunes link
Developer website
Price: 5,49 €



If you already use 1Password for Mac or Windows this app is for you. It could be a lifesaver when you have all your passwords with you all the time. 1Passwords doesn’t sync with iTunes. So don’t forget to sync it manually over wifi.

iTunes Link
Developer website
Price: 7,99 €



A native iPhone application for the project management software Basecamp. Insight has a nice user interface that helps me to have an overview over all my todos and milestones.

iTunes Link
Developer website
Price: 7,99 €

20 Minute meals


As a cooking novice the videos in the apps gave me a lot of great advices. But my favorite thing is the shopping list. You can decide on the way home from work what to cook and drop in a supermarket to buy all the stuff you need without any preparation. A lot of great recipes in your pocket. But you will have a hard time to finish most of the recipes in 20 minutes if you don’t have chef like cooking skills.

iTunes Link
Developer website
Price: 5,99 €


Moto X Mayhem

Awesome motocross game for a two minute break. It’s really fun to hunt for new high scores.

iTunes Link
Developer website
Price: 0,79 €

It would be great if you write a comment with your personal top five.


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  1. 1.) TouchTerm (SSH-Client)
    2.) Banner (Text-Scroll-App)
    3.) HappyDayz! (Geburtstagserrinerungs-App)
    4.) PokaMax (Postkarten weltweit versenden mit iPhone-Foto)
    5.) Labyrinth LE (Spiel welches den Gyro-Sensor nutzt)

  2. 1.) Angry Birds (Game)
    2.) Doodle Jump (Game)
    3.) ExpenseIt (Personal Finance)
    4.) Geocaching (Official Geocaching app)
    5.) StarMap Pro (Astronomy)

  3. 1.) Wikihood (Instantaneously displays what is important and interesting at a given location.)
    2.) BOXEE Remote (The BOXEE remote application connects to boxee ( over WiFi and has two modes: Gesture mode and buttons mode.)
    3.) Angry Birds (The survival of the Angry Birds is at stake. Dish out revenge on the green pigs who stole the Birds’ eggs. Use the unique destructive powers of the Angry Birds to lay waste to the pigs’ fortified castles.)
    4.) Read It Later (Lets you save pages to read later, even without an internet connection.)
    5.) Heyduda: Die Kuh macht Muh (Perfect for babysitting… ;-))

  4. 1) BlogPress (Blogging)
    2) Pixelpipe (Publishing to various social platforms) – free!
    3) Adobe Photoshop Express und Ideas (Picture manipulating) – free!
    4) Remember The Milk (ToDo-Lists) – free!
    5) Gibson Guitar (Tuner, Metronom and Chords) – free!

  5. 1) DB Navigator (Reiseauskunft)
    2) ShopShop (Einkaufsliste)
    3) IM+ Lite (Multiprokotollmessenger)
    4) HRS Hotels (Hotelreservierung)
    5) Dropbox (Filesync)

    All for free.

  6. 1) SnowReports (Schneehöhen im Winter)
    1) Einkaufsliste (Programm = Funktion)
    2) Remote (Fernsteuerung für iTunes)
    3) ILoveDesign (Quarks Designcomunity)
    4) Facebook
    5) LogMeIn (Fernsteuerung meines Macs über Internet)

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