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Posted by Jens Jäger on January 14, 2012

To get better at developing user interfaces, I decided last year to learn more about javascript. Like most developers I already used javascript for years, but never invested the time to “really” learn the language.

Studying a language works best for me when I have a serious project to develop. After surfing around I came up with the idea to extract the travel map I developed for to a Autobahn81 product for sale.

The new version of the google api is not compatible with the old one. So the new travel map item was developed nearly from scratch. The guys at google did a really great job improving the api. On of the best things on Gmaps api V3 is, that you don’t need an api key anymore.

Travel map pro makes it super easy to include a a google maps based travel map on your website. The live preview of travel map pro is available here. The photoshop items for the markers and a great documentation is included. You can buy it as travel map pro javascript or travel map pro php for some dollars.



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