January 11, 2013

Java 7 vs. C++ Speed


I just found this interesting benchmark results:


The benchmark compares the same algorithm implemented in different programming languages. Interesting on this result is that the Java 7 implementation of some algorithms, like mandelbrot, is as fast as the C++ implementation. In the worst case Java needs only the double amount of time.

Of course there is a price to pay. Java uses in some cases a lot more memory.

But in times where memory is available almost for nothing, there is not much space left for business software* in C++. The faster development speed that comes from garbage collection and higher level apis will easily pay for some more memory.

This is no new knowledge. Allmost all new started business software projects, I hear about, are java or sap based. I was just surprised how fast java is in the benchmark.

* business software: In this case I mean “business software” as a software running on a server, multiple users, performing some business functions in any case, often a custom development for company needs. (With this definition e.g. Microsoft Office is not business software. Something like Jira would be a buisness software with my definition.)


C++, Java, speed

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  1. in the same page you’ll see LoC and looking at them, what backs up the claim that developing in Java would have faster development speed ?

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