November 19, 2013

JPA configuration for play framework


In my current play project we decided to use hibernate as JPA implementation.

Here is the configuration we use:

Dependencies in project/Build.scala

Database configuration in conf/application.conf

Persistence unit in conf/META-INF/persistence.xml


Hibernate, Java, JPA, Play Framework, Play Framework 2.2, Play4JPA, Scala

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  1. Hi!

    We run a play 1.x application using jpa/hibernate. We think about migration to 2.x sometime next year.
    It would be nice if you keep posting about your experiences with play 2.x and jpa (specially in contrast to the jpa implemenation in play 1.x, what are the main differences)



  2. Hi M.,

    thanks for your commit. I will try to find some time to blog more about the topic.


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