Thoughts I took home from ping conference

Posted by Jens J├Ąger on January 17, 2014

Here are some thoughts I took home from ping conference:

  • Future applications will have more needs for functional programming. This demand is driven by async userinterfaces and data streaming over http from different sources. Think of an application streaming the realtime positions of cars to a map. Maybe a taxi search.
  • For me it’s not sure if the lambda functions for java 8 will be a door opener to bring more people to scala. Or will java lambda with some additional libraries good enough to not switch to scala?
  • There is a new javascript mvc framework every week. It will need a long time if ever until we have a mvc framework with a strong position like jQuery today. If you think back some years this was the same with javascript libaries, today jQuery is everywhere.
  • Almost every speaker at the conference uses IntelliJ on a Mac. There is probably a reason for that.
  • To be prepared for future functional programming challenges I should read the wizard book again and learn about free monads.


All over a great conference and really worth the travel. Also budapest is really a nice city to travel to.


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