August 27, 2014

Blog split


This blog will be splitted into two blogs. Here ( I will keep posting technical stuff about developing web applications with Java, Scala, Ruby, Javascript and Playframework. Some other geeky stuff might come along.

My new blog ( will be in german about business and investment.

I also removed the german stuff from here and moved all the old german posts to If you click on a link to a german post, you might be redirected to

If you speek german you’re welcome to have a look at the all new You might also want to follow my german Rss-feed or sign up for my shiny new newsletter.

Why two blogs?

When I started blogging I started in german. After some time I realized software development stuff is easier written in english. This is because allmost all resources are already in english and programming code has english keywords anyway.

Then I switched to write blogposts in english. That was fine. But having two languages in one blog is kind of ugly. I never cared much until I decided to write more about business an investing topics. The problem with this topics is, some parts like tax or law stuff is really country specific. A lot of investment or business advise I can give works only in germany. So I makes perfectly sense to write those posts in german.

This was the point I decided to split my blog into two and make this one english only.


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